Analisis Penanganan Impor melalui Jasa Freight Forwarder pada Kawasan Pabean Tanjung Priok

  • Kristian Cahyandi Akademi Maritim Nusantara Cilacap
  • Andi Hendrawan Akademi Maritim Nusantara Cilacap


Trade in goods and services between countries occurs due to the emergence of needs for goods and services that cannot be fulfilled by a country alone, or to be able to obtain goods or services that are cheaper or of better quality, so that import activities occur. Import activities have a very important economic value for the development of the industry itself and for the country. The purpose of this study is to analyze import handling through the use of Freight Forwarder services by taking locations in the Tanjung Priok customs area, as well as analyzing any problems that arise in the process of handling these imports. This study used several data collection methods such as interviews using questionnaires through Google forms, literature studies and qualitative descriptive methods to find out the information needed. Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that with the services provided by Freight Forwarder companies, import activities become more effective and efficient, and in handling the import handling process it is necessary to have good communication between importers, Customs and Excise, as well as warehouse and trucking parties in order to obtain work results quickly, precisely and accurately.


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